Is Waterproof Mascara Bad For Your Lashes? A Pro Weighs In

The unfortunate truth: Waterproof mascara can damage your lashes. As Imani explains, “In order for waterproof mascara to stick on your lashes, it dehydrates and strips the hair.” 

This function is what makes waterproof mascara so stiff and difficult to remove (for better or for worse). “The harder a mascara is to get off, the worse it probably is for your hair,” she notes. 

But that’s not all: “In the process, it’s also breaking off your lashes and chipping them at the tips,” she says, since all that scrubbing during the removal process can be quite harsh on those hairs. This only encourages more mascara use in the future to help your lashes appear longer and stronger than they really are. 

“People will then keep using this type of mascara, because they feel they have no lashes [and need a product that will build]. Eventually, you find yourself with very thin lashes,” she explains. And the cycle continues from there.

You may be wondering: What about non-waterproof mascara? When it comes to hydrating, clean mascara formulas (like these noteworthy options), you should be in the clear. Sure, the pigment may not stay for days, but that’s actually a good thing for the health of your lashes.

Keep up this healthy habit, and you may not even need mascara on a day-to-day basis. Still, treating your lashes with care is the way to go—so don’t give up that lash growth serum quite yet.

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