REP Fitness Discount Codes (Spring 2023 Update)

REP Fitness Discount Codes (Spring 2023 Update)

Since two brothers — Ryan and Shane McGrotty — burst onto the scene with REP Fitness in 2012, the company has been steadily growing and diversifying their offerings. REP specializes in high-quality, commercial-grade products and makes some of the best home gym equipment at affordable prices. REP continues to innovate and has quickly become an industry leader in the fitness equipment space. They’ve done this through their three core tenets of innovation, customer service, and value, from their humble 1,200-square-foot garage to their massive operation today. 

We often feature REP Fitness products on BarBend because of their high quality and affordability. Their top equipment has amassed quite a large and loyal customer base, like the AB-3000 2.0 Bench, Ares Rack Attachment, PR-5000 Rack, and Oxylus Yoke. If you’re looking to pick up the best of what REP has to offer but still want to maximize your savings, we’ve got you covered with the best REP Fitness discount codes and deals available.

REP Fitness Discount Codes

REP Fitness Discount Codes

Save on favorites and home gym staples from REP with loyalty rewards, holiday sales, pick-up discounts, and more. REP also partners with affirm™ and PayPal™ to offer financing options so you can break up payments.

How to Get a REP Fitness Discount Code and Save Money

If you want to add some REP products to your equipment load while maximizing your spending money then we’ve got some tips. It’s important to know that sometimes brands like REP don’t always have a readily available discount code. If they do, you’ll find the best one here. If not, you can take the actions below to save some cash, with our without a discount code at the ready.

1. REP Loyalty Program

Another great way to save on REP equipment and potentially receive insight for new products before anyone else is to sign up for their loyalty program and be an active member of the community. You earn one point per dollar spent and 100 free points as a birthday reward with additional points coming from leaving reviews, posting on social media, and other interactions. 

How to Sign Up

All you have to do is create an account on the REP Fitness website to immediately begin earning points.

Loyalty Discounts

As you accrue points you can put them to use to save money with every 100 points equal to a five-dollar savings. For example, if you had 400 points, that would knock $20 off of your purchase. 

2. Check Out Financing

While not technically a discount, REP does offer a couple of financing options to make outfitting your dream gym a reality. We should also mention that the offers are subject to credit approval and not everyone will qualify or receive the same rate. 

That said, you can break up payments of $650 or more into six or 12-month installments with Affirm™. REP also works with PayPal™ for interest-free bi-weekly payments on purchases from $30 up to $1,500. For this option, you have to pay 25 percent down at the time of purchase and the three remaining payments are taken out of your account with autopay in bi-weekly increments.

Lastly, REP does offer a commercial financing option for bulk and large purchases. They recommend contacting them directly if you’re outfitting a commercial facility, though.

3. Local Pickup

Though they don’t generally charge for shipping, REP has two retail locations and one commercial store with steep discounts available if you choose to pick up your purchase. Plus, you can try out equipment and even check out unreleased products if you’re lucky — it’s like the ultimate playground. You can either place your order online and schedule a pickup to save time or shop like a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

Pickup orders save you 10 percent on up to $2,500, 12.5 percent on $2,500 to $7,500 purchases, and 15 percent on orders above $7,500. With pickup instead of delivery you can save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

You do have to live close enough to make it worth the effort though and sadly the two retail locations may not be in close proximity to everyone. Their Pennsylvania location is located in Carlisle outside of Harrisburg while the California location is in Moreno Valley outside of LA.

Our Favorite REP Fitness Products

REP makes a ton of high-quality products but we want to highlight some of our favorites. These stand out to us because of their tough construction, value, and overall quality.

REP AB-5000 Zero Gap Weight Bench

Many people claim this is the most comfortable weight bench they’ve ever used and we tend to agree. The AB-5000 doesn’t have a gap between the seat pad and backrest for increased stability and comfort. It features seven back pad adjustments and five seat pad adjustments to achieve your optimal position for each exercise.

REP Fitness AB-5000 Zero Gap Weight Bench

REP Fitness AB-5000 Zero Gap Weight Bench

The REP Fitness AB-5000 Zero Gap Weight Bench stands out from its competitors as it doesn’t have the typical gap you may find on other weight benches across the market. Plus, it has seven back pad adjustments and five seat pad adjustments.

REP 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box

This plyo box is rather affordable and requires only minimal assembly and each box features three different heights corresponding to the side of the box you lay down. With a 400-pound weight capacity, this box is suitable for larger athletes too.

REP 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box

REP 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box

The REP Fitness 3-in-1 boxes offer three different heights depending on which side of the box you lay down. Their sturdy, interlocking design allows for a 400 pound weight capacity and their affordable price make them a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality plyometric box.

REP PR-5000 Power Rack

Made from thick, 11-gauge steel and able to hold up to 1,000 pounds, this power rack is heavy–duty completely customizable. You can select from over a dozen different attachments, different color schemes, and size options to tailor the PR-5000 to fit your space and needs just right.

REP PR-5000 Power Rack

REP PR-5000 Power Rack

This rack features 11-gauge steel uprights that can hold up to 1,000 pounds. It can also be completely customized with two different height options, three options for the depth, your choice of 13 attachments, and even the color scheme.  

REP Black Bumper Plates

These were made to be a direct competitor to other major brands’ cost-effective bumper plates and REP did a great job on the design and execution. The plates are constructed from low-bounce virgin rubber to reduce noise in home gym environments when you’re deadlifting, olympic lifting, or plain old slanging some weight around.

REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

REP Fitness Black Bumper Plates

These durable black bumper plates have steel inserts and low-bounce virgin rubber that may help reduce noise when dropped. They’re ideal for traditional lifts, cross-training, and even Olympic Lifts.

REP Oxylus Yoke

Any article about REP Fitness would be remiss to not mention their distinctive push into the strongman equipment realm. They’ve sponsored Rob Kearney as well as developed and released some innovative strongman equipment while making their own version of more affordable staples like yokes and sandbags. The Oxylus is a combination yoke, frame carry, sled, pull-up bar, squat stand, and weight storage to maximize functionality while minimizing footprint.

REP Fitness Oxylus Yoke

REP Fitness Oxylus Yoke

The Oxylus Yoke from REP Fitness is a solid yoke, for sure, but that’s not it. This doubles as a frame carry, pull-up bar, squat rack, and sled too bringing unrivaled versatility to the table. Buying all these products separately could easily cost twice as much as the Oxylus Yoke, which can be had for around $1,400 with all the attachments.

When Does REP Fitness Usually Run Sales?

There are a lot of ways to potentially save on gear from REP. On top of actions like joining their loyalty program and picking up locally, REP does frequently run promotions that are typically centered around commerce holidays. Be sure to sign up for email notifications and check out their sight around these days.

  • Black Friday
  • Winter Holiday Season
  • Labor Day
  • New Year’s
  • Fourth of July
  • Memorial Day

Why Choose REP Fitness? 

REP has grown explosively over the past decade and has stayed true to its original goals of providing top-notch and innovative fitness equipment at affordable prices. As they’ve grown, REP has sought to give back to the community that built the company by sponsoring athletes, running giveaways, and providing multiple avenues to save with deep discounts.

When you’re selecting products for your home gym or even commercial fitness space, you’ll find that REP has high-quality products at prices that are often more affordable than the other major brands. The sheer range of products that they have been able to develop and produce while keeping customers satisfied on the whole is impressive and you can often find REP equipment somewhere on our best lists because of it.

Final Word

REP has grown, in a rather familiar story, from a modest garage and a dream to one of the largest home gym fitness equipment companies in a matter of only a few years. They’ve stayed true to their three core values of innovation, customer service, and value while growing the company. You can save in a variety of different ways with their loyalty program, pickup discounts, holiday sales, and more to purchase top-notch products for a solid deal with the tips and tricks in this article.


What makes REP Fitness different from other major equipment manufacturers?

REP has developed a reputation for itself as having exceptional customer support, which other brands have as well. Many people opt for REP equipment over competitors because of the high-quality products at more affordable prices than some other brands though. Lots of other people like that REP runs sales fairly often and always has a way for you to save with the loyalty program and pick-up discounts.

Does financing equipment help you save money?

Strictly speaking, if you finance equipment you may end up paying more for it over time because of interest, but many people choose to finance their purchase because the equipment would be out of reach for them otherwise or would take a long time to save up for despite REP’s fair pricing. 

Not everyone will qualify for financing though since most of the time it is dependent on a credit check, so keep that in mind and read all the fine print before going that route. It can be a great way to make your dream a reality but be sure to do your research first.

Which is our favorite product from REP Fitness?

It’s truly difficult to select only one product as REP makes so many that we have both in the BarBend garage gym and our personal home gyms. We’re big fans of how solid and comfortable the REP AB-5000 Zero Gap Bench feels when you’re using it and the PR-5000 Power Rack is an absolute beast and fully customizable to fit nearly anyone’s training goals. That’s before we even think about all of the strongman and cross-training gear REP makes.

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