• SincerelyNuts Raw Walnuts in Shell (5lb bag) | Kosher & Gluten Free Superfood | Natural & Delicious Source of Powerful…

    RAW GOODNESS – To get all the taste and health benefits of walnuts you need to get them raw and uncooked. Pasteurization and Irradiation strips walnuts of their healthy nutrients. Choose raw walnuts.
    LOTS OF FIBER – Each tasty nut is packed with fiber. In addition to being good for digestion, fiber helps you feel full and satiated. That’s great because you don’t need to eat a lot to feel full.
    GREAT FOR COOKING – Walnuts can be enjoyed raw as a tasty quick snack. You can add them raw to salads and smoothies or toast them for snacking or simply use them to cook in recipes and baked goods.